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Questions You May Have About HMO Health Insurance

One of the most popular health insurance options is HMO health insurance. The reason for its popularity is because most HMOs are an affordable way to have health insurance coverage at a reduced cost. To determine if a HMO is right for your family, it is important to understand how a HMO health insurance plan works.

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What is HMO Health Insurance?

HMO health insurance, or Health Maintenance Organization, is a network of doctors, hospitals, health care providers, and pharmacies that offer medical treatment at a reduced cost to members. Each health care provider that is part of the network works together to manage the cost and quality of the health care provided to members.

How Does HMO Health Insurance Work?

A member of an HMO health insurance plan is responsible for choosing a Primary Care Physician from a list of physicians that are a part of the network. These physicians range from general practice, internal medicine, family practice, and pediatrics.

The Primary Care Physician is responsible for coordinating the health care needs of the member of the HMO plan. The PCP can provide care or recommend a specialist if needed. There are numerous specialists that are part of the HMO health network.

The Advantages of Choosing HMO health Insurance

There are several advantages to having an HMO health insurance plan. One of the biggest advantages is that members enjoy low out-of-pocket expenses in comparison to pricey, traditional health insurance plans. A visit to a doctor’s office or a hospital is covered after a small co-payment of $5 or $10 is paid.

An HMO health insurance plan usually includes routine physicals, prescription drugs, lab tests, well baby care, maternity visits, and vision exams. With this type of plan, members are not expected to pay an annual deductible before their medical treatment is covered.

Who Should Have HMO Health Insurance

USA Today recently reported that 16% of the population of the United States does not have health insurance. Many people do not have health insurance because they are not aware of affordable health insurance plans. HMO health insurance is one of the most inexpensive health insurance options that cover a wide-array of needs and budgets.

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