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Basic Overview of PPO health insurance Plans vs. HMO

Many employees are currently offered benefits by their employers. And while the options may seem confusing at first, many of the programs are fairly similar, and not incredibly complicated once you dig beneath the surface.

Two of the most commonly offered health plans - HMOs and PPOs, are different types of insurance options that seek to reduce costs for medical treatment, while giving customers the best care available. A brief explanation of each is offered here.

While HMOs are thought of as the cheaper health insurance plans, the PPOs are often less expensive than many other options, especially if you are a high risk individual, or you have a variety of risk factors in your family for health problems. PPOs may also provide more comprehensive drug coverage and benefits for specialist care. HMOs require lengthy approval processes and in-network care - especially for specialist care, and many types of specialist care may not even be covered by your HMO plan. For more information on each type, you can visit the HMO and PPO sections listed to the right.

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